Kilt Outfit (females)

-Kilt or Kiltie in a Dress Tartan (dress tartans tend to have a lot of white in them and stand out on stage)

-Velvet vest or jacket

-Highland style blouse

-White knee socks or tartan hose

-Black dance trunks (to be worn under kilt)


It can be tempting to try and make your own costumes to save on cost, but we do not recommend this for the beginner dancer or dance parent. There are strict costume guidelines that must be adhered to. We recommend Tartantown’s  starter outfits for beginner dancers.

Kilt Outfit (males)

-Kilt or Kiltie of a Dress Tartan

-White dress shirt

-Bow tie


-White knee socks or tartan hose

-Black dance trunks


Balmoral (hat) and vest and/or Prince Charlie jacket are optional for male pre-premier dancers

Costume Info for Group Members

New Members (first year, noncompeting)

-WV Highland Dancer t-shirt

-Black leggings

-Ghillies (with no socks or socks that cannot be seen under them)

-Hair must be worn in a bun for all performances.

National Outfit (females)

-White dress OR aboyne skirt, vest, and blouse

-Tartan shawl

-White slip

-White dance trunks



-White socks or nude hose

Premier Dancers

-Full kilt

-Velvet vest or jacket

-Blouse (with vest) or Dickie (with jacket)

-Tartan hose (with elastics to keep them up)

-Black dance trunks (to be worn under kilt)


Intermediate and Premier dancers also need:

-Aboyne outfit or white dress

-Hornpipe suit, tie, and hat

-Jig dress with apron and jig shoes